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Water and desertification: a pressing need and an effective response from Jasper Alliance London with ‘Micro-Water Dams’ Project

LONDON, June 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — It is no exaggeration to say that without the provision of potable water for both drinking and agriculture in the region, the norms of civil society and sustainable infrastructure will collapse irretrievably.
Iraq has acknowledged that amongst the worst of these is the lack of water affecting over 40 million citizens.

Water is the essential asset that gives stability to populations, according to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – Clean Water and Sanitation is imperative for survival. (

In direct response to this, Mr Mohammed Saib, a highly skilled and respected international Civil Engineer has a dedicated local and international team to solve the water crisis, initially using a range of effective (and cost-effective) micro projects, which are capable of rapid turnaround.

Now ready to launch, the multi-faceted project focuses on the acquisition and skillful distribution of unused rainwater. It will provide nationally and regionally quantities of fresh water for domestic consumption, for irrigation, and for livestock.

Detailed research of the topography and the climate of Kurdistan Region by Mr Saib’s team shows evidence that the building of Micro-Dams on the rivers and the valleys through which rainwater collects in the wet seasons can significantly boost available water. For example, annually, the 50,000 Km2 of Kurdistan Region’s rainwater catchment areas can capture 27.5 billion m3 of rainwater. By using local materials and capabilities to build Micro-Dams, 25.0 billion m3 of water can be collected.
If this can be achieved, it will most certainly help address a significant proportion of the needs of the whole of Iraq and its population.

Mr Saib, works on the Water Management project with the Institution of Civil Engineers in London and the Royal Society of Arts, both of which he has been a member for 5 years, says with some confidence that:

“In practical terms, construction of one Micro-Dam can be completed within 1-2 years, which is 20% of the time of building one Main Concrete Dam. In the same duration, 1-2 years, several Micro-Dams can then be constructed by identified contractors.”

Furthermore, “The cost of one Micro-Dam is 5-10 % of the cost of a main concrete dam. Several local sectors in Kurdistan Region have stated that they welcome involvement in this project.”

Key interested stakeholders include the United Nations, cement factories, reinforcement steel factories, gravel, and sand quarries, in addition to several local contractors trained by Mohammed Saib.

Contact details:, M: +44 (0)7884413305

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